Jowl Aesthetics | Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetics

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu guides women with the philosophy of “being like yourself” as well as the trends that come to the fore in the new year. He said, “Special techniques that eliminate the jowl will eliminate the boredom of women. Non-surgical jowl aesthetic interventions will again mark 2020. ” He states that in 2020, there are new methods and trends, especially for women.

Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetics

Problems experienced in the skin can be listed as skin elasticity, quality, marks, spots, and loss of content. Nowadays, people are looking for other ways to look better, healthier, and more attractive in skin aesthetics without experiencing the post-operative recovery period. Non-surgical rejuvenation technologies are gradually entering human life. Thanks to non-surgical jowl aesthetic techniques, the fat tissue in the face area is thinned and the skin in that area is tightened. In this way, you can have a “V” shape that gives an attractive look to the face with a more elegant and thin jaw structure.

What is Jowl Aesthetics?

Chin aesthetics is the process of removing sagging under the chin and excess fat in the jowl area by laser lipolysis. Fat and sagging occur in some people due to structural or weight in the jowl area. Unfortunately, even if weight is lost, these fat deposits that do not go away can be removed permanently and radically by the laser lipolysis method. Double chin laser lipolysis procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Only the jowl area is numbed and the fats here are melted with a laser by entering through the 2-millimeter hole. After the melted fat is extracted from the same hole, the jowl area, which is emptied, is glued to the skin by laser treatment again.

What are the latest techniques in double chin surgery?

In the neck region, the type of operation is decided according to the physical examination result of the patient. Sagging of the neck skin, fat accumulation, and weakening and separation of the neck muscles occur due to aging, skin type, external factors such as sun, smoking, and gravity. The age and skin quality of the patient are the most important factors in determining the type of operation we will do on the patient. Although there is no exact age limit, in patients under the age of 45, if the skin sagging is not very evident, the jowl can be reshaped by removing the subcutaneous fat tissue only with liposuction. With Cold Lipolysis technology, fat in the jowl area can be reduced in patients who do not want an operation. If there is sagging of the skin and separation of the neck muscles with the storage of fat in the patient, a neck lift operation should be performed together with liposuction. Among the latest techniques, in laser liposuction technique, more effective results can be obtained by adding skin tightening together with liposuction. Also, skin tightening can be performed with Focused Ultrasound, Fractional Radiofrequency with needles in patients with not much skin excess, no subcutaneous fat, and more prominent wrinkle complaints. In addition to these applications, reducing the visibility of muscle bands can also be done with botox.

When Is Double Chin Aesthetics Performed?

Double chin aesthetics should be done in the period when sagging begins. If intervened early, deformations can be removed more easily. If the intervention is delayed and the sagging and loosening in the jowl area increase, the problems that can be eliminated with a small intervention may be replaced by complicated operations.

At Which Ages Is Double Chin Aesthetic Surgery Applied?

Deformities in the jowl area usually start in the middle age, called the 30s. These ages are more suitable for surgery as the skin elasticity in the jowl area is better than in older ages. In the case of jowl aesthetics after the age of 50, this procedure alone may not be sufficient. Along with this aesthetic operation, the chin lift should also be performed.

Is It Very Painful After Surgery?

The double chin process takes 40-50 minutes. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The patient does not need to be hospitalized. After the double chin, a corset is worn and the patient is discharged. Those who have non-surgical jowl aesthetics should wear the corset for a week. However, if the person is working, it is recommended to wear the corset for at least two days. After the procedure, the person is called for a control one week later. As a result of this process, edema goes out by 80-90 percent. 90 percent of the patient does not have any bruising or swelling. Rarely, people who use blood thinners or tend to bleed may have a slight bruising. While the edema disappears within 1 month after the procedure, the skin tightens and takes its full shape within 3 months. The permanence of the procedure is between 5 and 10 years. This aesthetic appearance, which is successful with regaining weight or aging of the skin, may deteriorate. In some patients, there may be fat in the lower part of the face as well as in the jowl area. In these patients, the V shape of the chin is revealed by removing the fat from the lower part of the face together with the jowl.

Double Chin Aesthetics Prices

Double chin aesthetics prices vary depending on the type of treatment, hospital, doctor selection, and regional characteristics such as the province and district. Another factor that affects the price issue of non-surgical jowl aesthetics is whether the treatment will be in multiple stages. If you want to get rid of the sagging under your chin and have a more attractive appearance thanks to the non-surgical jowl aesthetics, you will be an aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist you can make an appointment with Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu.